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Xylitol is white crystal or crystalized powder, free from smell and cold in taste; its sweetness is equal to cane sugar. The xylitol is extremely easy to dissolve in the water, and slightly dissolved in ethanol and methanol. When dissolving in water, the Xylitol can absorb heat, and has a cool sense in taste. The xylitol is a functional sugar alcohol with physiological activity and nutrition value.


Characteristics of xylitol:
1. The xylitol can be prepared to be different flavored roasting food.
2. The xylitol can promote the proliferation of bifidobacterium, promote the proliferation of effective microbial community in intestinal tract, improve gastrointestinal function; the xylitol has very high activity, and is a very-promised functional additive.
3. The xylitol is not fermented by yeast, and is a poor culture base for microorganism.
4. The xylitol has a clear sense in taste. Mint, spearmint and other food flavors can be added.
5. The xylitol has hygroscopicity. Due to the hygroscopicity, the xylitol can keep softness for a longer time than the cane sugar in preparing some soft desserts, such as cake and bread.

Specifications of Xylitol:
Purity: not less than 99.5%.
Product meets the United Nation Grain Agriculture FAO, America FCC, Japan JP6 standard.

Applications of Xylitol:
1. The xylitol is applied to chewing, soft sweets, jelly, chocolate, and buccal tablets, and featured by throat wetting, tooth cleaning, and caries prevention.
2. The xylitol can replace cane sugar; due to its un-fermentable property, the xylitol is applied to beverage, milk, bread, preserved fruit, biscuit, yoghourt, jam, and eight-treasure porridge; thus the taste is good, and the sweet is durable.
3. The xylitol has the same effect of moistening and improving rough skin as glycerinum, and can be used for various skin care products and toothpastes.
4. Xylitol can be the ideal sugar substitute for diabetic; fruit juice, beverage, coffee, milk, ice product, bread, candy, and others can be replaced by xylitol; the total usage for adult every day is not more than 40g, and it is in half usage for children.

Raw material & Processing method
Xylitol is use Xylose as raw material, Xylose hydrogenation, purification, crystallization and separation, drying

Package & Storage:
Xylitol Package specification
* Crystal xylitol C 25KG/bag, 600 KG/bag, 800 KG/bag, and 1000 KG/bag
* Crystal xylitol CS 25 KG/bag
* Powder xylitol 20 KG/box
Storage condition: Store at constant temperature, place at shady and dry place at 25 DEG C below.
Expiration date: The expiration date of crystal xylitol C is 2 years, expiration date of crystal xylitol CS is 2 years, and expiration date of powder crystal xylitol is 9 months.

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[Xylitol Specifications]:

Identification Meets the requirement Confirm
Appearance White crystals White crystals
Assay(Dry basis) 98.5% min 99.60%
Other polyols 1.5% max 0.40%
Loss on drying 0.2% max 0.11%
Residue on ignition 0.02% max 0.002%
Reducing sugars 0.5% max 0.02%
Heavy Metals 2.5ppm max <2.5ppm
Arsenic 0.5ppm max <0.5ppm
Nickel 1ppm max <1ppm
Lead 0.5ppm max <0.5ppm
Sulfate 50ppm max <50ppm
Chloride 50ppm max <50ppm
Melting point 92~96 94.5
PH in aqueous solution 5.0~7.0 5.78
Total plate count 50cfu/g max 15cfu/g
Coliform  Negative Negative
Salmonella Negative Negative
Yeast & Mold 10cfu/g max Confirm
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