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Tannic Acid

  • Product Name: Tannic Acid
  • CAS No. : 1401-55-4
  • Appearance: Light yellow to light brown powder
  • Packing : 25kg/bag, or 25kg/drum
  • Storage: Kept in cool, dry and ventilated area
  • Product Details

Product Name: Tannic acid

Synonyms: Chinese tannin; Gallotannic acid; Gallotannin
Molecular formula: C76H52O46
Molecular weight:1701.18
H. S. Code: 32019090
Cas no.:1401-55-4
Einecs no.: 215-753-2
Propertics: Light yellow to light brown powder, with a peculiar smell and taste very astringent, soluble in a portion of water or alcohol, as well as in acetone, insoluble in chloroform or ether. It is a mixture of hydrolyzable galloyl tannins.
Introduction: Tannic acid is 100% natural high-molecular gallotannin extracted and purified from gallnuts. This high purity grade is specially developed for the stabilization of beer. It is practically insolu- BLE in beer and is well know as drink ability enhancer for a more refreshing taste. It also is completely biodegradable and harmless at normal use(no dust hazard, waste problem, etc. )
Appearance: Light yellow granular powder
Purity (on dry material - HPLC): > 97%
Gallic acid (HPLC): < 0.4%
Heavy metals (FCC IV): < 15ppm
Loss on drying: < 10%
Color Gardner (1: 10; Alcohol): 4 - 6EBC
pH (1% in water): 4 -5
Solubility in H2O: Clear
Gum: Negative
Dextrin: Negative
Function: Tannic acid, a very specific gallotannin, only reacts with the acid proteins containing SH-groups by absor-ption and precipitation. Tannic acid is also a metal chelating agent. It remov-es (or partially removes) iron, copper, aluminum, etc.

Applications: Mainly used in tanning, but also in medicine, ink, printing and dyeing, rubber and metallurgical industries, water treatment, etc.

Packages: 25 kg/drum; or 25kg/paper box; 40 kg/drum etc

Storage: Keep in a tightly closed container, stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area. Protect from light. Keep in airtight containers.

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